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A Bad Experience - Part IV or Revenge

I felt dizzy and pain stricken when I woke up and I couldn’t remember anything of last night’s events. Being a hypochondriac, I was really scared, and demanded to see a doctor right then and there. Three nurses were standing around my bed, one of them a male one – not too bad looking I noticed. Luckily, the two female ones left the room and this guy was trying to explain to me what had happened. As I turned my head to the left it hurt like hell, and I soon noticed a large bandage tied around the back of my skull. “I’m Sam”, he said, “and I was actually at the party where you were bashed last night. You’re lucky to be alive – two of these gay bashers were so drunk , and they kept hitting you long after the first blow they gave you had left you unconscious. Your girlfriend did nothing to stop them, she actually wanted them to go on hitting you, so if you want to we can talk about it.” I couldn’t believe my own ears. This was just psycho. I explained everything to Sam and he recommended pressing charges as soon as possible. We knew who these guys were, and I did not want to let Karina get off the hook so easily. Sam told me to rest, try to sleep some more, and he’d be back with something to eat in a couple of hours. His opinion of three day’s old hospital food was shared by myself and so Sam went to the French Bakery to get some of their really good stuff and a bucket’s worth of black coffee. He gave me a couple of painkillers and I feel asleep, in spite of the fact that I was upset like hell, and actually wanted revenge. As I woke up I smelled flowers. A large amount of white and yellow chrysanthemums were distributed on top of my bed sheets. I smelled fried chicken and hot French fries, and as I turned my head to get a clearer overview of what was going on I saw a row of large and plentiful teeth right there in my face. Karina. I don’t know what happened, but I guess I must have totally lost it. I jumped out of bed, clenched my fist and hit her. That was all I was capable of doing. I felt really bad and fell to the floor. Sam entered the room and came to our rescue. Karina looked like she’d seen a ghost, all pale with a really bad nose-bleed and watery eyes that were as swollen as water melons, probably form excessive booze the previous night. I told her I wanted her to leave and that I was sure as hell going to press charges, and that she would most definitely be included in those charges. There was no way I was ever going to talk to her again. I also yelled some really bad words to her face, and to tell you the truth – the only ones I dare share with you guys are phony and squalid. So I repeated myself and ask her to get the f.. out of the goddammit room right away. She left, but she said that she was going to be back. And she returned shortly after with one of the bullies. They wanted to talk to me, seriously. All I could think of was what I screamed at her: “ What part of get the f.. out of here didn’t you comprehend?” “I will press charges and that’s all I have to say”. “Now get out”. Karina seemed desperate, and I didn’t grasp why. She knew what had happened , and surely it shouldn’t take the brain of a rocket scientist to understand that my next move would be to press charges. Sam had convinced it was the only right thing to do, and I was very sure of it myself. Karina asked me to just listen, and even though I kept repeating myself she did not give in. They both stayed at an arm’s length away from my bed, begging me to talk to me. As a matter of fact they looked like two captured orangutans begging me to let them explain themselves. I had no choice but to let them say what they so desperately needed to say and no surprise they were sorry, they had been drunk and high on cocaine and didn’t know what they were doing. It slowly occurred to me that they were trying to keep me from pressing charges. I asked them frankly to tell me what they were afraid of. Most of these cases end up with dismissals anyway, and the odds here were probably about 90 to 10 in their favor. They silenced. Finally they actually shut up! Impressive. Then they told me the truth, and it was an ugly one. This had happened before, and Knut was actually Karina’s boyfriend, and had an anger management problem. He was out of jail on probation, and so was Karina for her several charges of drug dealing. They were begging me to drop it, to move on and to forgive them. This was never going to happen again, they would leave me alone. They were even willing to cut a deal, 2000 grand (16.000 NOK) for my silence. I wanted them gone, so I lied to them. I said I would consider the offer and get back to Karina later. An hour later when Sam came back with coffee, Belgian waffles and hot croissants we called the cops and pressed charges against all three of them. I didn’t care what happened next, I just wanted to do the right thing. Whether the case was dismissed or not was not important. The point is you don’t let people like that go free, and I guess with charges hanging over their heads prior to a possible dismissal at least that might be disturbing to them. I was dismissed from hospital, Sam and I started dating, and soon my life was back on tracks. There was no feedback from the police, and to tell you the truth I didn’t much care about it. But – just when I thought I was safe something really significant happened in my life. One early morning in the staff room of the school where I held a teaching position my principal asked me I we could have a chat in her office. She often did that, so I was actually used to discussing teaching methods and subject matters with her. This morning was no different. She offered me a cup of strong, black principal’s special coffee, asked me to take a seat, smiled with her red-painted lips, and said: “Why didn’t you just tell me?” Tell you what”, I wondered. “That I never stood a chance with you. Don’t you get it? You’re the only teacher who’s enjoyed principal’s coffee in my office almost every morning, you’re the only employee who gets to choose his classes and subjects with no intervention from me. Yes, you are a fabulous teacher, the best one ever, but why the hell didn’t you tell me?” I actually thought you were interested in starting something with me. You’re a damned good flirt. There was no way I could detour this one so I didn’t say anything for what seemed a small eternity. Her raucous voice kept repeating itself, “why”? , and I detected the shuffling feet of the nosey secretary approaching the door of the principal’s office. I uttered something like: “ Because I was scared shitless, and I wanted to stay locked up in the closet”, when she said: “ Aren’t you going to ask me how I got introduced to the fact that you’re gay?” Let me tell you Sven Erik, a woman called Karina called me last night and actually revealed your secret. And besides that, she also revealed another secret. My son is obviously in the same boat – or should I say closet as you. And now you are dating him.

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