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Stories (about people)

Stories means exactly what it says. I want to share my encounters with special people all around the world. When you travel, the best thing is meeting people, bonding with them, making life-time friends. I must admit, museums and famile parks are not my favorite waste of time when I go to new places. Cafes, pubs, concerts, villages, city squares, nature, remote areas are. In all all these places there are people. There is always somebody you get to know, who fascinates you in many ways. And, honestly, I've never been anywhere without getting to know interesting people. People who make a hell of a difference in the world today, even if the difference is on a small scale in their neighborhood, in their village, in their barrio, in their jungle, rainforest, parrot sanctuary - yes just about everywhere.

There is, of course, no denying the fact that some few experiences one would rather not have had at the moment of their occurance. On the other hand, subsequently to not so good encounters, I always feel enriched in some strange way. According to a close friend of mine: " A bad experience is betetr than no expereince at all". And that's exactly what makes me want to take som shots at insecure situations, shots at talking to people who at first glance seem introvert, reserved and even maybe hostile. In 90 % of the cases, first looks deceive. Some of the most interesting people I have met were the ones who didn't want any contact at all, until I startedhorsing around, making them laugh, showing my keen interest in their language, culture, work or personality.

So, the next step on is that I want to share some of these great friendships with you, some of teh most exciting encounters I have had on trips, short- haul ones, and long-haul ones. "A trip doesn't have to include a flight to the Pacific, it can also be a trip to downtown Oslo or to wonderful Trøndelag" (Svennie). I hope you enjoy these stories, and press "like" or make a comment - more likes means more stories to come. Some of the stories will be written in English so that more people are able to read them, and of course, the people I write about all want to know what I write about them.

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På Salomonøyene og Vanuatu har befolkningen et helt eget ord som brukes kun for å beskrive øysamfunnets helt spesielle tradisjon, nemlig kastam. Dette ordet brukes i en hver sammenheng hvis turistene


Klokken hadde passert 12 på formiddagen og hun hadde fått i seg restene av ginen som stod ved sengekanten. Einar hadde stukket av i 6tiden etter en durabelig krangel, så hun slo fast at hun muligens h


Den observante leser sitter kanskje nå og lurer på begrepene flamsk og nederlandsk. For ordens skyld skal jeg klare opp i disse. Nederlandsk er det offisielle språket i Nederland og i Flandern i Belgi


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